Residential Appraisals Basics

Residential appraisals in real estate transactions are considered very critical especially where there is a mortgage loan involved. Someone buying your home and needs to get a mortgage loan will need to have an appraisal done or if you are in need of refinancing your mortgage you will need an appraisal done. A residential appraisal is an opinion on the value of a property by a qualified and biased third-party appraiser. If you are refinancing your mortgage the mortgage lender will need an appraisal to be completed. An appraisal is completed in a transaction when someone is buying a new home to make sure that they don’t overpay for it. Only licensed and certified appraisers can perform a residential property appraisal.

How Residential Appraisals Are Done. Determining The Value Of A Residential Appraisal

Factors such as current market trends reflected in the incomparable property such as house features and size influence the appraisal value. An exterior and interior inspection of the property is conducted by the appraiser to take note of any factors of that influence the value of a property. The appraiser will complete the report on a standard report that is required by the appraisal jurisdiction. An appraisal report will include comparable sales report, a map and sketch photos. A homeowner is responsible for paying for the appraisal.

What Residential Buyers And Residential Sellers Need To Know

If you intend to buy a property and the mortgage lender requires a property to be appraised, and the property appraisers for less than the offer you had to purchase the lender will not provide the loan. A residential property buyer can take advantage of a lower appraisal by negotiating for a lower purchase price. Loan lenders will not give loans that are higher than the property is worth therefore our property seller will need will need to lower the selling price. When refinancing your mortgage and looking to access and equity in the home the appraised value is significant. A residential appraisal is a critical process in a real estate transaction and should be taken seriously.

How To Choose The Residential Appraiser

Part of a residential property buying process includes ordering an official appraisal to place the appropriate value on the property. A loan lender will require a property appraisal report before agreeing to loan the money needed to purchase the property. The law has provided a basis on which to hire a residential appraiser this includes getting a licensed appraiser to avoid any fraudulent and inflated property appraisal results. A licensed residential property appraiser should always adhere to the set rules and regulations and ethical and professional guidelines provided by the appraisal foundation. There are three different appraisal approaches used this include;the residential sales comparison approach, the income capitalization approach and the cost approach.

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